Maintain your device security up to date

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Publish Date : 2021-04-26 04:21:15
Maintain your device security up to date

New viruses, malware, and infectious diseases appear on the web daily in the form of encodings. Junk viruses can be downloaded to your computer using loopholes in the internet and unwanted downloads.

The device's operating system is updated from time to time, such as Windows Update, Mac Update, iOS, and Android.

Norton provides antivirus updates to fix bugs and up-to-date protection against all kinds of the latest threats to address the latest viruses, malware, junk files, and device updates. You must update your Norton Antivirus and keep it up to date.


Did Norton show the Norton antivirus live update problems while updating Norton Antivirus, or did you receive an update error from Norton stating that Norton could not complete the live update, or did Norton Antivirus work? Is it like an error saying that you haven't?

Why does Norton Live Update fail?

Many people spend hours trying to fix Norton LiveUpdate errors without understanding the root cause of the problem.

• Windows Firewall or other antivirus files remain.

• Your Norton subscription has expired, or your Norton version is incorrect.

• Improper installation or improper Norton configuration

• Important operating system updates

• Hard disk space is low.

• Without the latest Norton Update, your device may slow down, or Norton Antivirus may start failing.

Fixed a bug in Norton Update

Now that you know the possible problem go through the steps one by one to see if it helps solve the problem.


Check your Norton subscription and version.


Sign in to your Norton account and make sure your Norton subscription is active and uses your purchased product. Always buy Norton from Norton's official website or make sure your vendor does not get duplicate copies of your Norton product.


Try disabling Windows Firewall.


This is the most common cause of the problem. Try this option temporarily. To fix the Norton Update error, you need to open the System and Security in Control Panel. Or find it first and do the following:


Windows Firewall> Turn Windows Firewall on or off> Then turn off Windows Firewall.


Norton Antivirus comes with a firewall and a Windows firewall and Norton Firewall interface, which causes Norton Antivirus to crash during the update.


Turn off Windows Firewall


Remove/disable other security software


Remove unnecessary security software from your system. Even after uninstalling, many antiviruses leave additional files and plugins on your system. Run the uninstall tool or manually remove other antivirus software.


Free up hard drive space


Norton Antivirus may download large files, but Norton Antivirus updates are blocked because there is not enough space on your computer. This is easy to solve. You need to delete some of the unused files stored on your system, back up some of the files to the cloud, or run them on your portable hard drive.


Clean the hard drive


Norton Antivirus updates are often delayed and burdensome if you encounter problems at startup. Therefore, to keep Norton Antivirus running, we recommend that you turn your PC off and then back on.

Remove and install Norton Antivirus-

If everything seems a little more confusing than best, start your computer from scratch and uninstall Norton Antivirus.


Uninstall Norton Antivirus


Open your computer and go to to download the latest available software and install it on the old software installed on your PC. If you have already activated Norton, sign in to your Norton account to download the product, or if you lose your Norton activation code, get your Norton activation key.


This is not a problem until the product key is backed up.


Operating system rollback


Most Windows and Mac computers may contain major operating system updates. Go to your system and restore your computer's operating system.

Here are some tips for resolving this issue: ---

=> Keep your operating system up to date and check your Norton licenses and subscriptions.

=> Check the date and time of the machine.

=> Install the correct version of Norton Antivirus Protection.


Reinstall Norton Antivirus


Norton was unable to complete the live update. It also occurs when the program file is corrupted. Program file corruption can be caused by program file deletion or malware infection. The best way to fix this error is to reinstall Norton Antivirus. You can use the uninstall and reinstall tools for this job. You can also manually uninstall Norton and then perform a new installation.


However, you can easily reinstall Norton using this tool. To reinstall Norton Antivirus using the uninstall and reinstall tools.

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