WordPress Live Chat support plugin

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WordPress Live Chat support plugin

WordPress live Chat support plugin 

WordPress live Chat support plugin adds a live chat option to any online WordPress website. Furthermore, this plugin works like mini software. This software adds a chat functionality of a live chat option on any WordPress website.

In simple words, the wordpress chat plugin adds a live chat option to the WordPress website, Which means that there is an instantaneous exchange of information between sender and receiver. This plugin extends the capabilities and behavior of any website by integrating live chat in it. Moreover, these plugins can handle every minute and significant feature of live chat on websites. Besides, this plugin works in the website's front end, where visitors can directly interact with each other and the admin.

These WordPress live Chat support plugins are mainly developing in the PHP programming language. Plus, they are easy to install on WordPress websites. . Certainly, these plugins are straightforward to install without learning any coding language. Additionally, the online business can easily install this chat plugin to have accessible two-way communication

What is live chat support?

In the WordPress Best live chat plugin for WordPress, there is real-time communication. This means that there is an instantaneous exchange of information between sender and receiver. Furthermore, In the WordPress live chat Support plugin, there is a customer support agent present. Besides all messages are at the spot mostly through a pop-up dialogue box. These dialogue boxes are mostly inbuilt on the Company website.

WordPress live chat Support plugin is very cost-effective and efficient. Likewise, it comes with the option of social media integration where customers can easily personalize their interaction.

Steps to install WordPress Live chat Support plugin 

All of the WordPress live chat Support plugins are easy to install. But first, you need to buy these plugins from wordpress.org. More ever you can pay for these plugins through a PayPal debit card or visa. After purchasing, you can install these plugins through 3 easy steps.

  • Firstly log in to your Word Press account. 
  • After opening the dashboard, there will be the option of the plugin on the left side. Select this option. 
  • Secondly, go to the “add new” option. Here select the option of “pure chat” at the top right. 
  • Lastly, install and activate the WordPress chat plugin. 

Furthermore, after complete installation “pure chat” option will appear on the left sidebar. In the end, all you need to do is click on the pure chat option to turn word press chat option on your website. This chat box can work on any android or iOS app by turning your status available.

All basic WordPress live chat Support plugins are easy to use

Professionals already develop all features of the WordPress live universal chat Support plugin. That’s why they are effortless to use. Furthermore, all of these plugins work to power a complete CMS content management system to manage your online website successfully.

These WordPress live chat Support plugins work on the front end, where visitors can directly interact. Furthermore, there is no need to hire a professional developer to add different features to your Chat option. All of the basic WordPress chat plugins have many customization options installed with them.

Additionally, there are many demos of these plugins provided by WordPress. That is why it requires minimal effort to learn how to use these chat plugins. Indeed these chat plugins have a considerable impact on every website.

Features that are WordPress live chat Support plugins

A responsive Chat area

WordPress live chat Support plugins have a chat area that is design with a clean interface. This chat area is very responsive and easy to use. Indeed, It is crucial to managing conservations to bring productivity to the website. So this is indeed an internal chat of admin. Furthermore, all of the conversation here is in a database that can configure lately. In short, this feature is the most important in all chat plugins.

Messaging tools 

All WordPress live chat Support plugins have a different kind of messaging tool install in them. These tools help to share any picture, video, and location. Additionally, a Google map is built-in into many basic chat plugins, which allows its users to share their place. Furthermore, there is an option to share your small video clips and pictures through this chatbox. Indeed, all of these features are very secure. 

RTL Version

RTL stands for “right to left.” Some of the essential WordPress live chat Support plugins use the RTL version. Besides, this feature is present in very few plugins.

The primary purpose of RTL is to make your chat plugin multilingual. Indeed, this feature helps to increase the viewership of your website.


Chat options

All basic WordPress live chat Support plugins after installation on any word press theme allow “live chat.” This chat can be between users to users or in between admin and users. Additionally, this chat is the same as chat on messenger or Whatapp.

Multiple chat options can help users to organize their chat separately. Plus, there are also emojis available which are perfect for lightening the mood. clear chat plugin is very playing a very important role in this process. 

Multiple colors

There is a wide range of colors available in all basic WordPress live chat Support plugins. Furthermore, All of these colors are changeable for words and chat boxes.


All of the WordPress live chat Support plugins provide chats in real-time. It is the same as online chat or lives chat. Furthermore, here chat is done through text messages. Apart from text messages, there is another form of conversation: videos, Gifs emojis, and stickers. Indeed, this type of chat creates a multi-user environment. Additionally, any person can directly address another person without being exposed to a large community of users.

 Importance of WordPress live chat 

Support plugins 

Every business needs to provide customer service. While this customer service all depend upon two ways of communication. In this modern era, online business has to act fast and need to provide instant support. Furthermore, these WordPress live chat Support plugins are best suited for customer support. They can quickly solve any customer complaint and gives a response.

All essential WordPress live chat Support plugins minimize the hassle of sending email or support tickets to different customers. Furthermore, these chat plugins work like any messaging tool. It is just the same as what’s the app, Google chat, and messenger. The quick response and interactive nature of Universal word Press chat plugins make them perfect for online business. Most importantly, they are 100 % compatible with any word Press theme.

 In short, through any of the essential WordPress live chat Support plugins, online businesses can successfully integrate live chat options in their websites. 

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