social aspects of early alcoholism:

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social aspects of early alcoholism:

alcoholic family effects on children:

Sociological studies have revealed that the first and main factor provoking early alcoholism is the alcoholic environment. These are, first of all, the closest relatives who drink: the father, less often the mother, and sometimes both parents. It happens that older brothers or sisters in a family are sick with alcoholism. Their negative influence can play a huge role even if parents do not abuse alcohol. Most parents in drinking families have a low level of education, they are most often unskilled workers. Drinking alcohol in such families is not considered evil, and for this reason, the introduction of younger family members to alcohol is considered the norm. According to statistics, children from families in which they were not prohibited from drinking alcohol continue to consume alcohol outside the family 9 times more often than their peers, the consumption of intoxicating drinks that were strictly prohibited by their parents. Even when children whose parents were sick with alcoholism are brought up from an early age in families with sober customs, they are 4 times more likely to follow in the footsteps of their fathers, in contrast to their peers.

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The second reason for adolescent alcoholism is the desire to be and appear to be adults. Drinking alcohol seems to them to be a symbol of courage, independence, and a way of self-affirmation. This is due to the ignorance of children and adolescents about the dangers of alcohol and the terrible consequences of its use. And the deceptive pleasure initially received from small doses of alcohol contributes to the formation of an erroneous idea of ​​its beneficial effect on the body, and, as a consequence, the rapid development of alcohol dependence.

The attraction for teenagers to alcohol is reinforced by the popularization of alcohol consumption in various television programs and films. So in the United States, it is believed that for adolescents who spend up to five hours watching TV, examples of drinking film and television heroes are one of the most effective forms of involvement in drunkenness. Some calculations show that the most popular TV programs, which are broadcast in the United States from 8 pm to 11 pm, show about 7.02 cases of alcohol consumption during each hour, while only 3.33 cases of non-alcoholic ones. It is interesting that positive characters, at the same time, are applied to a glass 5 times more often than negative ones.

Our young viewers, only during the period of the well-known government decrees and the decree on the fight against alcoholism and drunkenness, were largely protected from such propaganda of alcohol consumption on television.

communication with children?

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Another reason for adolescent alcoholism is the example of peers. Children and adolescents from dysfunctional and especially single-parent families usually do not have developed a culture of communication. There is no spiritual closeness with parents, and there is no contact with children from well-to-do families. All this, together with a general lack of communication, leads to the fact that the teenager begins to look for “street”, “yard” companies, in which alcohol consumption is an indispensable part of communication. In such a company, which is often of different ages, teenagers who drink get an opportunity for self-affirmation, self-respect, which cannot be achieved either in school or in the family. Participation in companies of alcoholics, the leaders of which are persons who are registered with the police or with the inspectorate for minors, possibly with previous convictions, can be fraught not only with drinking. Often newcomers must complete a mandatory program of bullying as well as other criminal offenses. Problems often begin to arise that contribute to the interruption of studies, constantly changing places of work, which is now considered only as a means of obtaining money to buy alcoholic beverages.

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