10 Simple Ways to Increase Motivation in the Workplace

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10 Simple Ways to Increase Motivation in the Workplace

Here are 20 simple, low-cost ways you can increase employee motivation in your workplace, starting today. We outline ten very simple but effective methods to increase motivation in your team and workplace. These proven steps can be started today. You can increase motivation in the workplace by helping your employees focus on the big picture rather than the small job in front of them. Show them exactly how that seemingly insignificant task can have a huge impact on the success or failure of the project or business as a whole. 5) Be Clear About What You Expect. To improve motivation in the workplace, be very clear about what you want done. “One of the best ways to motivate your people is through appreciation and recognition – the more frequent, the better. In our The Future of Work is Human Report, 79% of respondents told us recognition and rewards makes them work harder.” The best part is – recognition is essentially free! It can in the form of a formalized program, or can be as simple as sending a thoughtful email (or better yet, a handwritten note) to your team members calling out their amazing work. So the question shouldn’t be “why should I recognize my people?” but “why wouldn’t I recognize my people?” Employee recognition can increase motivation when it is offered and implemented effectively. It is one of the keys to successful employee motivation. Employee recognition follows trust as a factor in employee satisfaction with their supervisor and their workplace. In this instance, the stick should yield to the carrot. Use Training and Development for Motivation. Employee motivation largely depends on the overall “health” of relationships in an organization. It’s the managers that need to put in extraordinary effort to get employees excited about their work, and to maintain that level of excitement day in and day out. To be able to do that, they need to understand what employee motivation is. Gareth Jones, the definitive expert on the subject, defines it as, “psychological forces that determine the direction of a person's behavior in an organisation, a person's level of effort and a person's level of persistence". A motivational workplace is one in which employees regularly go the extra mile and help their colleagues achieve the companies' goals and objectives. According to professional business consultant James Daniels, quoted in the Harvard Management Update, the ability to create a motivational workplace depends on communicating company goals clearly, and on reinforcing behavior that goes above and beyond what is expected. The first step is to identify what types of behavior you want to see from your employees; then you can begin to make a motivational workplace. 1. Set goals for your business and fo  These are by no means the only things that you can do to increase motivation in the workplace. However, these suggestions yield the greatest gains  No matter how positive your workplace culture and environment are, you have the starring role in promoting your personal growth and motivation. You can promote your own personal growth, motivation, and career development to overcome boredom, inertia, and staleness. Your employer can contribute to your growth and motivation, too. These are the best workplaces for all employees. Share. Tweet. Try turning work into a game. One way to inject some competition into the workplace is through gamification – i.e., introducing elements of gameplay to your team’s most important tasks.  Of course, big things like ping pong or air hockey in the office do work, but there are other, smaller ways to make the workday fun and keep your team members engaged and motivated. Get creative. Start Improving Motivation In The Workplace Now. There’s no time like the present to begin improving your team’s motivation.  Every employer understands the importance of motivation at the workplace. However, maintaining it is quite challenging because at the end of the day, employees are human beings. We share 10 simple ways to increase your team motivation. How you treat your employees is how they will treat you. Also, they look up to you. As the leader, you are responsible for showing them the way forward through words and actions. Human beings tend to focus more on what you do than what you say. The principles of motivation apply in all businesses and organisations. It’s totally normal for employees Home Communication How to Increase Motivation in The Workplace. How to Increase Motivation in The Workplace. How to Increase Motivation in The Workplace. : May 5, 2015 9:10 pm • : Communication, Relationships • : 1 min (388 words). What are the ways to motivate employees? That’s the evergreen question of managers across all industries. No matter how well you’ve done last quarter, you must beat those numbers in the next quarter. It’s an unsustainable situation. However, staff motivation isn’t a line item on your budget that can be deleted. It might be elusive and nearly impossible to measure, but it’s the fuel that drives performance. In this article we explore three new ways to help motivate employees and teams: promoting collaboration, getting new tools that promote visibility, and supporting your teams. New science and  The best way to motivate your employees depends upon their preference. Every organization needs to strive to ensure high employee motivation levels, so that business success can be guaranteed, with higher work performance and efficiency. About ActionCOACH. Brad Sugars founded the brand Action International in 1993 when he realized there was a disconnect between business advice and implementation. The answer was Action!  to face dips in motivation, but it becomes a problem when your By making simple changes in your workplace and your employees' habits, you and your team can impact your company's bottom line in a major way. Steps. Part 1 of 3 One of the best ways to improve motivation in the workplace is to clamp down on worker use of social media, as modern social media platforms are proven to generate depression in those using them. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are immensely popular, so much so that some employees won’t hesitate to spend a few minutes of their day browsing their feeds instead of attending to their work responsibilities. Many managers see motivation in simplistic ways. They frame it as transactional: Put something in and get a result back out. I recently came across an old episode of the sitcom, Two and a Half Men, with a comical example of this mentality. Alan, one of the main characters, was trying to find his purpose in life and what job would help him attain his purpose. ... We are leaders for a reason—we must impact staff in a way that helps individuals use their personal drivers in the workplace in order to bring benefits to the individual and the mission and goals of the organization. Anthony Panos is a partner at the Organizational Performance Group. He specializes in executive and team coaching and training It’s problematic to figure out an appropriate amount of time that adults should be spending on such websites, but it’s important that your company makes it clear that no personal social media use will be tolerated during working hours. Social media feeds make One of the easiest ways to increase your productivity is by changing the way you work. By streamlining your workload and focusing on one task at a time, you'll increase your efficiency and, as a result, your productivity at work. Make short and long-term to-do lists. ... Be mindful of noise in the workplace. Some noise is often unavoidable in the workplace, no matter what field you work in. Too much noise can be a distraction, though, so it's important to find ways to reduce noise as much as possible.[18] X Research source. colleagues are consistently disengaged. That's why we gathered some great tips from experts to help keep you and your team motivated, day in and day out. These tips aren't specific to any industry, and most of them are either low or no-cost.



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